PLRS Fard Kander Punjab

Fard Kendra is a computerized facility where the citizen can get their land records for Punjab state. The Punjab government has opened Fard Kendras at about 137 tehsil/sub tehsil in Punjab and at every fard Kendra, the computerized land records of all villages are available.

Revenue department achieved another milestone in October 2018 when the department’s 159 out of 164 Fard Kendras gone online.

Did you know Punjab is the first state in India to implement online property registration across the state?

Now any landowner in Punjab can easily get a certified copy of the Jamabandi from any Fard Kendra in the state.

Let’s understand it with an example.

You have agriculture land in Gurdaspur district but due to your job or business you living in Patiala district still you can get the Jamabandi without going to Gurdaspur. You can get from any nearest Fard Kendra in the Patiala district itself.

This initiative is not only saving a lot of traveling time but also money and it is faster.

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