What is Jamabandi?

Jamabandi Meaning

Jamabandi (जमाबन्दी) is a Hindi word and its English meaning is settlement.

Jamabandi is a land record term used in various states of India like Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Manipur etc.

Jamabandi is one of the most important document of land record / revenue record. It is known by different name like fard, parcha or many other different names in different areas, but most common name is Jamabandi.

Jamabandi is a land Record of Rights (ROR) of a village. The Jamabandi Register contains name of owners, area of land, shares of owners, other Rights, cultivation, rent and revenue and other taxes payable on land.

Jamabandi Haryana

Like other states Haryana also use Jamabandi document for land records. Nakal Jamabandi  Haryana has 10 columns.

  1. Khewat
  2. Khatoni
  3. Patti
  4. Owner details
  5. Cultivator details
  6. Source of irrigation
  7. Filed nos or khasranos
  8. Area & type of land
  9. Rent paid by cultivator, rate and amount
  10. Share or measures of right and rule of bachh

Jamabandi Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh Government provides Jamabandi (RoR) information through its online portal Himbhoomi.

Jamabandi Karnataka

As per the para 82 of Chapter IX of Manual for Village Accountants prescribed by the Government of Karnataka, Jamabandi is of two kinds

  • Dittam Jamabandi: Dittam jamabandi is conducted by Tahasildar,immediately after the Annual Accounts of a village are completed by the Village Accountant as on 1st July.
  • Huzur Jamabandi: Hujur Jamabandi is conducted by the Deputy Commissioner or by Asst.Commissioner any other officer appointed as such, between Oct to Dec, to verify and settle the village accounts of the previous year and to determine the Land Revenue and other dues for the current year. This is more or less an audit of last year’s account and partly inspection to see that the accounts of the current year are brought up-to-date.

You can check your Jamabandi (RoR) online in Karnataka state. Read our article on Bhoomi Karnataka for the detail.

Jamabandi Manipur

It is a register where the landholders are maintained alphabetically along with the details of the lands held by them. The field in the possession of each land holder and the classification of each field are entered from the Dag Chitha.

Jamabandi Rajasthan

Rajasthan Jamabandi (Khevat Khatauni) Form – P-26(A) & Form P-26(B) have  10 columns.

  1. New Khevat Khatauni Number.
  2. Old Khevat Khatauni Number.
  3. Name of Tenant with father’s name caste and Residential address with nature of tenure.
  4. Khasra Number.
  5. Area.
  6. Social Classification.
  7. Source of Irrigation.
  8. Rent paid by Cultivator.
  9. Mutation related note along with date and number..
  10. Remarks.

Land owners can easily get Jamabandi Nakal online in the Rajasthan. The information is available in Apnakhata website developed by Rajasthan Revenue Department.

Jamabandi Document Terminology

Khewat Number: It is the number of owner/owners of land. This number is subject to change in next jamabandi.


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