Maharashtra Terminology

7/12 Extract: 7/12 Extract or Saat Baara Utara or Record of Rights is the extract from the land records register held by the Revenue Department of Government of Maharashtra. 7/12 extracts contain complete information about land property in rural areas.

Ferfar: Ferfar is a legal document issued by the Maharashtra Government which contains details about all the transactions which have taken place for a piece of land in the state. Ferfar is also known as a land mutation record in the state of Maharashtra.

Guntha: Unit of measurement, 1 Guntha = 0.025 Acre = 1089 square feet.

Mutation: Transfer or change in the ownership title.

Saza: A group of villages formed for the purpose of appointment of a talathi is called a saza.

Village Extract No 14: Village form no. 14 is an extract of birth and death.

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