Land Measurement Units in Maharashtra

Land measurement units are a system of measuring the size of a piece of land. These units are used in many states in India, but they differ from state to state. In Maharashtra, there are different types of land measurement units: Hectares, Acres, Square Feet, Guntha etc are popular.

In this article we will different land measurement units of Maharashtra and their conversion.

Popular unit conversion in Maharashtra

UnitConversion to other Unit
1 Acre= 43,560 Square feet
1 Acre= 40 Guntha
1 Guntha= 33ft x 33ft = 1089 Square feet
1 Hectare= 2.47 Acre approximately

Acre to square feet in Maharashtra

Acre and square feet both are standard land measurement units. Like other states in India here the standard conversion from acre to square feet in Maharashtra.

AcreSquare FeetAcre to Square Feet
1 Acre43,560 Sq ft1 Acre is equal to 43,560 Square Feet
2 Acre87,120 Sq ft2 Acre is equal to 87,120 Square Feet
3 Acre1,30,680 Sq ft3 Acre is equal to 1,30,680 Square Feet
4 Acre1,74,240 Sq ft4 Acre is equal to 1,74,240 Square Feet
5 Acre2,17,800 Sq ft5 Acre is equal to 2,17,800 Square Feet

Acre to Guntha in Maharashtra

Guntha is one of conventional units of land measurement used in the state of Maharashtra.

AcreGunthaAcre to Guntha
1 Acre40 Guntha1 Acre is equal to 40 Guntha
2 Acre80 Guntha2 Acre is equal to 80 Guntha
3 Acre120 Guntha3 Acre is equal to 120 Guntha
4 Acre160 Guntha4 Acre is equal to 160 Guntha
5 Acre200 Guntha5 Acre is equal to 200 Guntha

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