Samba Dashami 2024: Puja Dedicated to Lord Surya

Odisha is a land of diverse cultures and beliefs. You can see the cultural influence of Aryan, Dravidian, and Tribals in every part of it. Like other parts of India, it is also observing many festivals associated with ancient stories. One such ritual is Samba Dashmi, which is associated with the story of the Lord Krishna’s son Samba.

Samba Dashami Vrat is observed on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha in Paushya Month, as per the Odia calendar.

In 2024, Samba Dashami’s date is January 20.

This puja is also known as Surya Puja and is dedicated to the worship of the Sun God. People believe the Sun is the source of all healing and at this festival, women would pray to the Sun God to keep their children safe from illnesses.

Folklore says that

It’s said that the significance of Samba Dashami is the auspicious festival of Samba, son of the Hindu God Krishna. Samba was said to be a delinquent. He teased Narada once for his looks.

Sage Narada complained about Samba to Krishna. Lord Krishna was angry and cursed him with leprosy. As the curse cannot undo what is done, he advised Samba to pray to the Sun God who would cure him.

After twelve years of serving a harsh penance near the Konark temple, samba pleased the Sun God and was cured of his disease. After that day, every Odia family celebrates Samba Dashami on Shukla Paksha Dashami.

Samba Dashmi Dates

YearSamba Dashmi Date
2024Wednesday, 20th of January
2023Sunday, 1st of January
2022Wednesday, 12th of January
2021Saturday, 23rd of January
2020Sunday, 5th of January
2019Wednesday, 16th of January

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