What is Bhulekh?

Bhulekh is a popular land record term in India and it is also related to online land record software in states like UP, Orissa, Bihar etc.

In this article we will discuss about Bhulekh, where this term is using and how to get this record in your state.

Lets start with What is the meaning of Bhulekh?

Bhulekh is a Hindi/Sanskrit word which means Bhu Alekh. In English it translates to Land Record.

Bhue (Hindi) = Land (English)

Alekh (Hindi) = Record (English)

Bhuelkh (Land Record) history is in India as old as the Indian civilization. Throughout all these years this system is evolved and adopted new terms. Maintenance of land records (bhulekh) started in Moghul era and become more scientific under British rule in India. Since independence of India it is maintaining by State Governments. To update it in more accurately centrally-sponsored scheme on Computerisation of Land Records (CLR) was started in 1988-89.

In 2008 India Government started National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP) to develop a modern, comprehensive and transparent land records management system in India. Under NLRMP states are digitizing Records of Rights (RoR) and other land information including maps (bhu naksha).

Bhulekh Bihar

Bhulekh Bihar, bhu naksha Bihar, Bihar bhumi jankari, khatian and plot information are some popular terms of Land records in the Bihar. Bhulekh Bihar website can be access at lrc.bih.nic.in. You can read Bihar land record guide on our Bhulekh Bihar page.

Bhulekh UP

Bhulekh is an online land record website (http://bhulekh.up.nic.in) of Uttar Pradesh Government. The website is developed and maintained by NIC Lucknow. Now anyone get land record information online on Bhulekh website. Read our article ‘Bhulekh UP‘ for more details on how to get online land record in UP.

Bhulekh Orissa

Like UP, Odisha also has online land record website popularly known as Bhulekh in the state. Website is publicly available at http://bhulekh.ori.nic.in/RoRView.aspx. Users have to select the name of the district, sub division, tehsil, name of the village and Khatiyan number or plot number or tenant name to view the land record online. Maps and related forms are also available on this portal. Read our article ‘Bhulekh Orissa‘ for more details on how to get online land record in Orissa.



  1. I need records of agriculture land of 6 bigha near Nagpur
    I know only name of the Owner. But I could not understand marathiCan u plz help

  2. Hello- I am an NRI with inherited property in Hirapur, Dhanbad. I’m interested in obtaining land and property records for the inherited property. Can you please offer some guidance on how this information can be obtained. Thank you.

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