ePanjiyan Rajasthan

ePanjiyan is an initiative of Registration & Stamp Department of Rajasthan Government. It is an integrated online system for registration (panjiyan) and valuation.

There are various advantages of ePanjiyan software (web application), some are given below

  1. By using this software you can calculate property valuation.
  2. One can calculate stamp duty and registration fee.
  3. You can prepare required documents your self by select appropriate format.
  4. Property owner can feed all property related information online from anywhere. There is no need to physically go to sub registrar office any more.
  5. You can book online appointment for your document registration at sub registrar office. No need to wait in long ques.

If you have any problem with ePanjiyan Rajasthan or you need some help regarding ePanjiyan Rajasthan, you can contact helpdesk.epanjiyan@rajasthan.gov.in.

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